TEFL course in Bordeaux

TEFL Toulouse offers 4 week intensive TEFL courses in the heart of Toulouse, for those living in the Bordeaux and Aquitaine area who would like to qualify to become teachers of English in France and worldwide. We are the only acccredited TEFL course in the South West of France. See here for all the details

Can I do the course online instead of coming to Toulouse?

Yes, for those who can’t come to Toulouse even for 4 weeks,  our course has an online version where you follow the course and come to us at your convenience for 3 or 4 afternoons for teaching practice. The afternoons can even be several weeks apart. Come down to Toulouse for your teaching practice when you like!

How can I do the TEFL course in Toulouse if I live in Bordeaux?

The course is just 4 weeks long, runs from Monday to Friday, and can be done all year round, for example in August for those wishing to begin teaching in September. You can pop back home for some weekends, though others you may be a bit busy.

Where will I live during the TEFL course if I do it in Toulouse?

We offer a free accommodation service  – we put you directly in touch with our trusted landlords who have quiet and friendly accommodation, which are suitable for evening study and lesson planning. Most are just walking distance away, and start from just 450 euros for the month depending on what sort of accommodation you would like.

Is TEFL Toulouse really the closest TEFL course to Bordeaux and Bayonne? Isn’t there a TEFL course in the Pays Basque?

There are no other accredited TEFL courses in the South West of France at the time of writing in 2022. A lot of our trainees come from Aquitaine (as well as from Nice, Montpellier, USA, UK, Australia…!).

Where can I teach English after the course?

As the course is externally moderated and accredited, you can teach English everywhere in France or all over the world. Business English, Online, Young Learners…. you learn how to teach all of these on the course. So you can even make money teaching online while travelling.

Will you help me find a job after the TEFL course?

Of course, you get lifetime job guidance with us. Nearly all language schools in the South West of France know us, and we have ex trainees working all over the world too. We have an excellent reputation

Can you tell me more about the course?

Here is more information about the TEFL course.

Can I get Pole Emploi funding to do it?

Yes, we are recognised by the Pole Emploi and other funding bodies. Sometimes you can use your CPF funds too if you live in France.

I’m interested – how do I book?

Good choice!  So you can apply here or just Contact us with any more questions. See you soon!

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