TEFL accreditation

Unfortunately, there is no single body worldwide to moderate TEFL courses, which creates a lot of confusion for people like you who are looking for an accredited course which is recognised internationally.
However, there is one easy way to weed out the charlatans. You just ask them how often they visit the courses they accredit, in person. How often do they come and watch teaching practice and chat to you, the trainees on the course. Do they get on planes a lot? Or does a TEFL course get accredited just by emailing some documents? You might even get the “we don’t need to” response! That isn’t moderation.
To ensure that your TEFL certificate is recognised around the world, our course is moderated with regular visits by the UK based body IATQUO (International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organisations). They only accredit TEFL courses, and you will probably get to meet them in week 4 when you come to do your course with us.

“I’m looking for a CELTA course in South West France”

You’ve come to the right place. Our 4 week TEFL course meets and often exceeds CELTA standard – especially now, since many CELTA courses have gone online. Here is how we are the same or better:

  • Course length – 4 weeks
  • Teaching Young Learners training included – CELTA stands for Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults
  • Contact hours with trainers – over 120 hours
  • 6 hours’ minimum observed teaching practice (one hour lessons, not 45 minutes) with indepth feedback
  • Qualifications and experience of training staff – Cambridge DELTA / MA TEFL /  PGCE TEFL qualified with 10 years minimum experience
  • Regular moderation visits by a moderating body specialising in EFL teaching

The above are worldwide standards – and within l’education nationale in France we are moderated and accredited by national government bodies QUALIOPI , and recognised for government funding by the Pole Emploi, Mon Compte Formation and CARIF OREF

Course reviews and feedback from past trainees

The French government requires that at the end of the course we also hear and react to your feedback, with satisfaction surveys immediately after the course and 6 months afterwards. So you are also part of the moderation and constant improvement process! Also see our google reviews here

Some stats from 2020 (affected by COVID)

  • 49 trainees
  • 6 courses run – 3 cancelled
  • 2 trainees abandoned their course
  • 96% succcess rate in gaining certification
  • Anotea rating 4.8 out of 5 (Pole Emploi ratings website)
  • 4.9 out of 5 on Google (visible on Google maps)

Needless to say our course is in line with British Council recommendations for TEFL courses

Since 2009 we have always been successful in gaining accreditation by IATQuO, which means that our course surpasses internationally recognised requirements for TEFL courses.

Taking a course accredited by a reputable body adds the required weight to your TEFL qualification and gives you peace of mind when you book a course. There is an excellent article here on what to avoid and how to choose a TEFL course

Find out more about IATQUO, its quality standards and accreditation criteria

“The accreditation that comes with your TEFL certificate carries a lot of weight and I was so pleased to see employers take it seriously.”
Arlen Mabe, USA

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