Advanced Teaching Online course

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Who should do our advanced teaching online course?

The course is for those who have a TEFL certificate and a basic knowledge of teaching online, gained on their TEFL course or with some experience of teaching online, for example using the basic features of “Zoom”. It suits those who are encountering problems with using existing technology,  and are struggling to find time to keep up with the latest developments in online teaching. It also provides ways of keeping your online students engaged and motivated. In short, you’ll impress your students, colleagues and director of studies!

What will I learn on the teaching online course?

How to keep your online TEFL students engaged and motivated – especially in groups
A full exploration of all the features of Zoom or equivalent
How to turn your existing lessons into online ones
Online whiteboard management
Snipping tools etc
General tips and techniques
An overview of the best applications

How will online TEFL teaching change my life?

You’ll be able to teach while on the move, while at home looking after the kids…..Once you are truly comfortable teaching online, you can relax, get more work and better paid jobs,  and travel more as you teach from your own home – or hotel room! Isn’t that why you did a TEFL course in the first place?


Teach English from your home – or as you travel

Will an online teaching qualification make my CV look better?

The ability to incorporate technology in the classroom is a skill that will make your CV stand out in the eyes of potential employers, and your students will appreciate your control over breakout rooms, online whiteboards, other online tools,  snipping tools.. you can even “throw the ball” online!

Why not do my whole TEFL course online?

Because most language schools won’t give you a job unless you have classroom teaching experience – gained at an in-class TEFL course. And not only that –  just because a TEFL course is online that doesn’t mean the course will make you a great online teacher. Some online TEFL courses don’t give you any observed teaching practice at all, even as you teach your online teaching practice lessons.

Can I do this course online? How long is it?

Yes, you can do it online ( make sure you have a good connection) or in class with us

Course dates:


80 euros as part of a group or 200 euros as a 1 to 1

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