Terms and conditions

This is an agreement between TEFL Toulouse, hereafter sometimes referred to as “The Company” and myself, the applicant – referred to as “I”, “me” and “myself”. The Company reserves the right to update the website and add and withdraw special offers.


My health, safety, and/or my general welfare, are not the liability of The Company at any time prior to, during or after the course, and neither are my personal effects and belongings.

General Health and Medical

I agree not to hold TEFL Toulouse in any way responsible for my health, injury or death at any time prior to, during, or after completion of the course.

I understand that the course is intensive and requires physical and mental energy. If I have any physical or psychological condition whatsoever that could potentially affect my attendance, health, performance or training of my peers I will clearly notify The Company when applying. I will notify The Company when applying if I require or request any special consideration or facility whatsoever. Additionally, should I fail to do this, I agree that my offer of acceptance to the course, even attendance on a current course, may be withdrawn without refund even if the course is already underway. If any relevant health issue becomes apparent during the course, I will inform The Company as soon as I become aware of the problem.

Visas and Work Permits

I am solely responsible for obtaining any appropriate visa or work permit where required, prior to my entrance into France, and understand that visas can take several months to be issued and can also be denied. TEFL Toulouse does not provide refunds in the case where I wish to cancel my course due to visa problems (*see below – Alliance Francaise terms). I accept that TEFL Toulouse is not responsible for any problems I might have finding employment due to visa issues. TEFL Toulouse provides advice that it believes to be correct regarding established procedures for obtaining visas, such as by following French programs at recognised institutions, but is in no way responsible for any eventual problem with my obtaining a visa. I accept that the TEFL Toulouse course and any in-house French course are not recognised by French visa issuing authorities and I cannot use acceptance onto these courses as an attempt to obtain a visa.

Setting up as a freelancer (auto entrepreneur)

TEFL Toulouse provides information that it deems to be correct and up to date about the latest French laws regarding, for example, the ability of EU citizens and student visa holders to become freelancers, but I will not hold TEFL Toulouse nor any of its staff responsible for any changes in the law or my inability to set myself up as a freelancer.

Student visa with Alliance Francaise, Toulouse

 The Alliance Francaise in Toulouse has agreed to offer a 10% discount on their courses to TEFL Toulouse trainees.

TEFL Toulouse will reimburse applicants whose visa has been refused, upon receiving written proof of visa refusal. This reimbursement is of all TEFL course fees I have paid minus 100 euros for admin fees. There are no further reimbursements under any circumstances (e.g. flights, accommodation).

I agree that I need to confirm visa and French course information provided on the TEFL Toulouse website with my local French embassy / consulate and with the Alliance Francaise themselves. Any information published on the TEFL Toulouse website represents TEFL Toulouse’s understanding of the procedure. TEFL Toulouse is in no way responsible for any outcome related to student visas or French courses.

I accept that student visas can only be applied for in my home country, and that being in possession of a student visa does not guarantee that I will find employment as an English teacher.

Week long French courses for TEFL trainees

TEFL Toulouse promotes French courses which are designed for TEFL Toulouse trainees and may be held on the TEFL Toulouse premises. These courses are run by a third party. Therefore TEFL Toulouse is not responsible for any issues concerned with these or any other French courses. Trainees must contact the promoter of the French courses directly. Payment for the French courses is made during the first week of the TEFL course. The French courses are also open to the public, at a higher price. Full refunds of all fees paid for the French course (i.e. 150 euros) are given in the case that the French course does not run. No other compensation is offered in case the French course does not run.  TEFL Toulouse collects a 50 euro deposit payment from those interested in the French courses. This deposit is not returned in the event that I cancel my French course.

Course Requirements / Email contact / Absences / Illness

I agree to be ready to begin before the class start times, whether I am teaching or receiving a class. I agree that persistent tardiness may also be grounds for dismissal from the course.

I agree that some of the course content is in electronic form and sent to me by email. I agree that TEFL Toulouse will correspond with me mainly by email before, during and after the course, and it is my responsibility to be able to receive and reply to emails regularly (e.g. every 48 hours) especially during the week before the course begins using the address I quoted on the application form, as well as be able to open and view attachments before and during the course. If I change my email address I will let TEFL Toulouse know immediately.

I understand that all three elements of the course, Teaching Practice, Theory, and Professionalism must be completed with an overall PASS grade, in order for me to be eligible for certification. A Pass for the teaching practice element of the course implies that I have taught 6 hours of lessons and gained an overall pass grade.

I understand that for any special procedures to be implemented (e.g. extra teaching practices after the course) due to an absence, I need to provide TEFL Toulouse with a doctor’s note explaining the medical problem. I agree that there are extra fees of 80 euros payable for any teaching practice needing to be completed after the course. These fees are to be paid in advance, and I accept that the implementing of any special procedures is entirely at the director’s discretion.

I agree that two Below Pass grades for my 6 teaching practices implies that an extra teaching practice, at a cost of 80 euros, needs to be arranged.

Lessons that are missed must be made up at the TEFL Toulouse training centre.

I understand that unprofessional manner, or manner that is not in accord with the local culture or environment, will be grounds for dismissal from the course without recourse, even if the course has not yet begun.

I accept that course completion in itself does not guarantee in any way that I will be awarded with a TEFL Certificate.

Job Guidance Assistance / Employment / References

TEFL Toulouse believes there is high demand in France for learning English and also offers lifetime job guidance to successful trainees. I understand, however, that The Company cannot be held responsible for my gaining employment and offers or job placements. The Company will provide me with advice and direct me to appropriate contact persons or organisations to further my job seeking quest. I agree to present myself in a professional manner according to the culture and academic standards of teachers in the local environment to prospective employers.

I understand that English teaching work in language schools can be difficult to find in English speaking countries, such as Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and I do not have high expectations of being employed in English speaking countries immediately post course.

The company reserves the right to deny job guidance to any trainee who it feels has become unprofessional or unsuitable for the profession.

TEFL Toulouse only provides references upon direct request from employers.

Agencies selling our courses

TEFL Toulouse works with agencies who help sell their courses. Trainees coming via an agency are still bound by all of the terms and conditions visible here. I accept that there may be some price difference between applying directly and via an agency.


I agree that The Company is not in any way responsible for my accommodation during the course, beyond playing an initial finding role free of charge. The company cannot guarantee to find accommodation and is not responsible in any way for the accommodation offer itself, or the perceived quality of accommodation such as facilities, rental cost or location. The Company will not involve itself in any way in the case of any eventual disputes between myself and landlord.

The Company reserves the right to refuse accommodation help to applicants. Photographs of accommodation on the website are from one of the host families TEFL Toulouse works with but as such are for guidance only.

Accommodation is offered on a first come first served basis and the accommodation type (e.g. studio flat) may not be available. The TEFL Toulouse free accommodation service only begins once the deposit payment has been made. Landlords may sometimes also ask for their own deposit upon arrival.

I agree that The Company will not make allowances regarding my attendance and professionalism during the course that might arise from problems with my accommodation, and that I need to solve any problems regarding accommodation directly with the owner of the accommodation. I agree to pay accommodation fees in full directly to the landlord / owner upon arrival.

I agree to leave my accommodation within 7 days of course completion if TEFL Toulouse needs the accommodation to be vacant for the next TEFL course. If I want to stay at my accommodation I have agreed this with TEFL Toulouse, as well as with the landlord.

Post course accommodation in exchange for teaching

Sometimes landlords offer to host TEFL Toulouse trainees, once they have qualified, in exchange for a lower rent combined with teaching English lessons. TEFL Toulouse is in no way responsible for the accommodation or any element of the experience the trainee or landlord may have.


Industrial action and public holidays in France

I agree that I am solely responsible for my attendance and that I will make alternative travel arrangements to the premises in the event of industrial action regarding public transport. I agree that due to the intensive nature of the course, TEFL Toulouse works on public holidays if they fall during weekdays during the course. Attendance is usually Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm depending on the number of trainees.

Booking and reservations, communication

I understand that if my application is accepted, I may then reserve a place on my chosen course by submitting my non-refundable deposit of 500 euros. I accept I am solely responsible for making payments and The Company only communicates with me and not with family members, friends, partners etc. I accept that the course that I have applied for may not be available or full. I agree that The Company only holds my place for 7 days for me to make the deposit payment, and after this period my place is released, which may mean I lose my place if there is a waiting list. The 500 euros can be used as a deposit on a subsequent available course.

The final 1100 euros balance must be received at least 21 days before the course start date, and I understand that this involves making the payment in advance of this time. I agree that I may lose my place if the company does not receive the balance within 21 days.

I agree that I cannot begin the course until all my fees are paid in full.

Last minute applications can be received subject to availability.

TEFL Toulouse regrets that, due to the volume of rejected applications, it is unable to provide follow up information (e.g. details regarding reasons for rejection).

Payment deadlines, conditions, cancellations and deferments

I agree that the 500 euro deposit is always non refundable but may be used for any other available course in the future which I must choose and quote by email.

If I cancel my course after the start date, no refund whatsoever is given regardless of the circumstances. In this case, and at the director’s discretion, the trainee can follow a future course but proportional extra fees will be charged. Trainees cannot follow a proportion (e.g. two weeks) of one course and then return a month later to follow a proportion (e.g. the second two weeks) of another course. In cases of prolonged absence, trainees will usually be asked to redo the whole course.

Cancellations received by email before the start date: Full refund of balance received (i.e. 1100 euros)

If TEFL Toulouse does not receive my balance payment by 21 days before the course start date, I risk losing my place in the case that there is a waiting list for the course.

TEFL Toulouse reserves the right to withdraw its offer of a place to an applicant at any time without being obliged to give a reason for the withdrawal of the offer. In this case all fees paid will be refunded.

Under no circumstances can TEFL Toulouse reimburse applicants for anything other than course balance fees paid for the TEFL Toulouse course. Examples of what is non reimbursable include rent for accommodation, money for travel, insurance, perceived loss of earnings, etc, that may result from my being unable to follow, complete or pass a course, or for visas not being issued on time.

3rd party payments (e.g. Pole Emploi

The Company is usually able to accept 3rd party payments from Pole Emploi and sometimes other organisations but I agree that it is entirely my responsibility to secure this funding. The company will provide the paperwork it deems necessary to promote my case for funding but cannot be held responsible in any circumstances for my failure to secure funding. If I wish to obtain 3rd party funding then I will make this clear on the appropriate section at the end of the application form.

I agree that for 3rd party payments there is no deposit payment required, but my place on a course can only be confirmed once TEFL Toulouse has received confirmation in writing by the funding party that they will pay for my course in full. I accept that in the meantime I may lose my place if the course fills, and that even subsequent courses which the 3rd party may agree to fund may fill.

TEFL Toulouse strongly recommends encouraging funding parties to act as quickly as possible to confirm funding to The Company. Any “devis” stating acceptance on a particular course cannot be used in any way to claim a right to attendance on that course.

Application and applicant background information

I agree that I have not knowingly misrepresented myself to The Company or its authorised representatives in any way. I also agree that I have disclosed my nationality and mother tongue, as well as the true disposition of any past, pending, or potential future criminal status. Additionally, I acknowledge that the application essays and skill-based questions are my own true, authentic, and original works, and that they accurately represent my academic ability and aptitude for the course.

I agree that my writing ability on the application form also reflects my speaking ability. I agree that The Company is not obliged to supply an explanation as to why my application may not have been accepted.

I accept that the course is pitched at degree level (UK), that I am aware of what this entails, and that I have reason to believe I can cope with the academic content and workload at this level.

Conduct and professionalism

During my training session, I agree to be behave in a courteous and professional manner with my fellow trainees, trainers, administrative staff, and any person associated with The Company. Inappropriate conduct, abuse, or damage to premises and furnishings will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the course. As a courtesy to my fellow trainees, students and staff, and to help them perform to their best ability, I agree to be clean and have excellent personal hygiene. Dismissal without refund or any portion thereof will be given if these expectations are not adhered to. In such a case, the decision of The Company is final. I agree that my grades are decided by the company and are not negotiable.

Information, Electronic Correspondence, Brochure, Website, Special Offers

I understand that the information contained in all electronic correspondence, including The Company website and videos found on the website, on the internet and in any printed material is believed to be accurate. However, I understand that it may be subject to errors, changes, omissions, availability of courses, and the adding or withdrawal of special offers without notice. I understand that due to the nature of special offers, trainees on the same course may have paid different fees. It is the responsibility of the applicant to contact an official representative of The Company for periodic updates as terms are subject to change without notice. Additionally, I understand that it is my sole responsibility or responsibility of my authorised representative to check for all continuous email or telephone message correspondence from The Company. All official correspondence shall be conducted via email unless the applicant otherwise indicates on the application form, and this is then agreed by The Company. Should my email address or pertinent contact information change, I shall notify The Company within a reasonable amount of time so that I can always be contacted by The Company.

Premises, facilities and materials

The Company undertakes to make the required effort to ensure that the premises and facilities mentioned on The Company website are in constant working order. When providing grades, the company will take into account any effects on my performance arising from temporary problems with premises, facilities and materials. I agree, however, that any eventual effect on my performance, arising from potential issues with these facilities such as unavailability of internet, wifi, photocopying and printing facilities is not grounds for any form of special consideration regarding grades or refund. If I wish to make materials for my lessons this is my responsibility, and I will not hold TEFL Toulouse responsible for any perceived lack of facilities to make materials.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions shall be construed in accordance with and governed by French and international law. Any action, claim or proceeding seeking to enforce any provision of, or based on or arising out of, these Terms and Conditions may be brought against any of the parties in the courts of France / the European Union. By execution and delivery of these Terms and Conditions, I hereby irrevocably accept, generally and unconditionally, the exclusive jurisdiction of the aforesaid courts and waive any objection to venue laid therein. Process in any action or proceeding referred to in the preceding two sentences may be served on me anywhere in the world.

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