Advanced Teaching Pronunciation

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Having problems helping your students speak English correctly? They know the words and the grammar, but they just can’t make themselves understood. This short Advanced Teaching Pronunciation course will enable you to identify your students’ problems and how to help overcome them.
We include discovering the physicality of sounds, updated ideas on how to use the phonemic chart into your lessons, and different techniques for teaching word stress and sentence stress. The link between focus on pronunciation and your students becoming more proficient listeners is also explored.
The course will fill you with the confidence you need to guide your students to better pronunciation in English, and equip you with tools and techniques to be able to do this.

There are two options – a half day or a full day course.

  • One morning course fee = 90 euros
  • Two mornings course fee = 160 euros

Fees for groups of up to 7 trainees: 300 and 500 euros respectively.
The course is open to TEFL qualified teachers only.

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