Advanced Teaching Pronunciation

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Why do students need better pronunciation?

Many teachers successfully enable their students to communicate with greater fluency, and with a wider range of grammar and vocabulary. But the students still can’t make themselves understood. They need better pronunciation to communicate successfully – especially those who work in an international environment.

Is the advanced pronunciation course for me?

Yes, if you want to improve your students’ pronuncation or want to get on the road to becoming an expert yourself, perhaps training others at your language school.  Few teachers really excel in this area – could it be your area of expertise? Do you find the sounds of English interesting?

Can you give me an example of typical problems?

What is the student trying to say below? Can you identify the specific problems?

“I elp eem weez eez fazzer hillness” “I need a hallENkee and ozzer tools for my bike” “We went to the rake district and saw some rubbery rakes” ” I laff-ED and cri-ED soh mootz until she stopp-ED” “Meet my friend Veronica Gil – hey – Benny Hill – come here”

How will the course help?

By focusing more on articulation (ie the tongue, mouth, lips, even lungs!)  you can identify your students’ problems. Once these are understood you how to help them overcome them.

The International Phonetic Alphabet – card games

Can’t I just drill and drill until my students sound better?

Drilling (“listen and repeat after me”) is a good way to get started but some students – especially those without a “musical ear” or strong L1 influence struggle to hear either you or themselves, so it can be of limited benefit. Our  short course takes pronunciation work a step further than just listen and repeat.

What’s included in the advanced teaching pronunciation course?

We include discovering the physicality of sounds, updated ideas on how to use the phonemic chart into your lessons, and different techniques for teaching word stress and sentence stress, including weak forms and connected speech. The link between focus on pronunciation and your students becoming more proficient listeners is also explored.
The course will fill you with the confidence you need to guide your students to better pronunciation in English, and equip you with tools and techniques to be able to do this.

How can I help my students with their pronunciation before I do the TEFL Toulouse course?

While you are waiting to do our half day pronunciation course (!) here is a book that is as old as the hills (as hold as ze eels?) called Ship or Sheep by Ann Baker. You can get it really cheaply online and it includes the audio. Students enjoy working with it and you can do 10 minutes at the end of each class with it.

Course dates and fees 2024

  • One morning course fee = 80 euros
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The course is open to TEFL qualified teachers only.

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