28th March 2019

Teaching English in France

Requirements for teaching English in France Teaching English in France can be daunting if you don’t know where to start – as was my case as […]
13th March 2019

Teaching English to children in France

First teaching job in France – teaching kids My first teaching job in France was teaching some of the most adorable 3-5 year olds I’ve ever […]
21st February 2019
TEFL experiences

A day in the life of a TEFL trainee

How a typical day on a TEFL course looks Tuesday week 3 7:45am – The alarm goes off, and it’s time get showered and make coffee. […]
14th January 2019

Working in South West France

Some of the great things about living and working in South West France- at a glance The food is better in France. It really is. Don’t […]
9th January 2019

Disappointed with UK teacher bureaucracy? Look for jobs abroad!

As an ex school teacher, I remember being originally drawn to the long holidays and the fairly comfortable teacher salary in the UK.   “If you can.. […]
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