Online and in-class blended TEFL course

*** Update March 2024: This course is being created and should be ready by June 2024. For that reason the below information serves as a guideline only. Contact us for more information or apply mentioning that you would like the first blended course available***

What’s the online and in-class blended TEFL Toulouse course?

The TEFL Toulouse blended course is not the same as other online or blended TEFL courses. This is because it is based on watching full length videos of the in-class  TEFL Toulouse sessions made at our training centre. This means you get the closest experience possible to actually being in class with us.

You do the TEFL course theory online at home over 12 weeks (so about 2 hours a day), and come to us from time to time  during and after the 12 weeks to observe other lessons and teach your 6 x 1 hour observed teaching practices. You have a further 2 months to do all your teaching practices after the 12 weeks so it’s very flexible for those who live far from Toulouse. 2 of your 6 teaching practice lessons can be online with a trainer observing.

Who is the blended TEFL course for?

Many of you simply do not have the time available to attend our onsite TEFL course in Toulouse, full time Monday to Friday for 4 weeks, due to family or work commitments. If this is you, the online and in-class blended TEFL course is perfect. Obviously you still need an internet connection, a minimum of about 13 hours a week, fairly good typing skills and some peace and quiet. You also need to be able to make several visits to Toulouse during and after the 12 weeks.

It will also suit you if you simply prefer an easier pace – the usual 4 week TEFL is intensive, after all.

Do I still get the TEFL Toulouse and IATQUO certificates in TEFL?

Yes – the content and requirements are the same as the in-class course, so you still get the same qualification.

Can I wait until the end of the 12 week theory part before coming to Toulouse for teaching practices?

No, sorry, you must come to us during your 12 weeks to observe some of the in-class trainees and do 2 teaching practices. You need to try teaching quite early on (the in-classers teach their first lesson just a few days into their course) and have time to digest what you’ve learnt before teaching again.  As well as learning from teaching practice, the ongoing theory also makes much more sense once you have stood up and taught.

We just don’t believe that a trainee can do 12 weeks of theory and then produce 6 consecutive good lessons all together.

But I can only come to Toulouse at weekends, public holidays or in July / August when I’m not working…

We may be able to set up one of your final teaching practices on a Saturday if that really is the only way, but you do need to come a few times to observe the in-class teachers teaching and gel with an in-class group. In-class courses only run Monday to Fridays.

Bear in mind that in-class courses do often run on public holidays so that may work. You might be able to teach on the quartorze juillet when you aren’t working! We run a course during the whole of August so come to us then?

I can’t come to Toulouse at all. Can I do my 6 teaching practices by Zoom?

Sorry, no. You can do two of your lessons as “Zoom” lessons with us watching, but we have to see you standing up and teaching at least 4 more  in order to gain TEFL Certification. That’s why you need to come to Toulouse.

How do I learn the TEFL theory on the blended online course?

The great thing about the TEFL Toulouse blended course is that you watch full -length videos of the in-class theory sessions. This means you get exactly the same experience as if you were in class.

Do I also do the same work as the in-class TEFL trainees?

You will complete the same worksheets as the in-class trainees and submit them to your own area on an online platform. On the worksheets you will see “Now watch / now pause the video” etc.

As well as filling in and sending the worksheets, you will also answer quiz questions and contribute to forum discussion questions. You’ll also do grammar tests, one or two essays and a “one to one teaching” project (aka “learner profile”)

Do I get tutorials like the in-class trainees do?

Yes, you get one to one and group (with other blended course trainees) tutorials once or twice a week.

How often are the start dates for the blended course?

The start dates are the same as the start dates for the in-class TEFL course, and there are about 7 a year:

I don’t want to take 12 weeks to do the course. Can I do it more quickly?

No, sorry, the course is “drip fed” to you. You should watch the videos at certain times and forum contributions and quizzes are also submitted during certain weeks. You will ideally be working with a partner or as a group with other blended course trainees so it’s important that you are learning things at the same time.

*We suggest that if you really want to get TEFL qualified with us over just 4 weeks you find a way of coming to our in-class course, by organising childcare etc. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Are you sure that 6 teaching practices will be enough for me to feel confident and get a TEFL certificate?

We may need to see more than the 6 teaching practices with us, to be awarded TEFL Toulouse Certificate in TEFL. You can purchase more sessions at 80euros in case you need or want them. 6 is often enough, especially if you can do a few of them early on during your 12 weeks online part of the course. That way you have plenty of time to adapt your technique

Can I get external funding in France?

The Pole Emploi should be able to finance this course. But bear in mind that if you are unemployed and free during the day, the best option is to come to us for a month and do our in-class course and get working more quickly!

Just contact us.

Can I choose ANY dates to come to Toulouse for my teaching practice?

We  need to have an in-class TEFL course running when you come, especially for your first visit and teaching practice. Here are the dates when an in-class course is running

How is the TEFL Toulouse blended course better than other online courses?

  • It’s an online blended course, not just an online course…
  • …there are 6 hours’ real  life classroom teaching practice included in the price – whole afternoons here.
  • We are experts in classroom teaching. Many online courses only deal with online teaching and don’t provide classroom management training, and so on.
  • You can purchase more teaching practice hours with us until we are all happy with your ability
  • You get our lifetime job guidance – we are experts on teaching English in France
  • You can add professional development courses to strengthen your qualification

What if I have to cancel a teaching practice that I’ve set up with you?

We will have set up the TP for you in terms of staffing and timetabling, so if you cancel your planned teaching practice within 3 weeks of arranging it you will need to pay an 80 euro fee for us to set up another one. You do need to get yourself organised in advance. If you do have to change the date then tell us as soon as possible.

These teaching practices in Toulouse – what do they include?

You get whole afternoons in our training centre from 2 to 6.30 pm – which for each day means: lesson planning help, a trainer observing your lesson, indepth feedback on your lesson, and you observing another lesson. Of course you are welcome to spend as much time as you like with us in the mornings too.

How much lesson planning help do I get for each lesson I teach?

You get 45 minutes of lesson planning help for each of your 6 lessons, including your online ones if you choose to do any of those. We help you online or at the training centre in Toulouse.

Do I get feedback after each lesson?

Of course! Roughly 25 minutes group / one to one feedback after each lesson.

I’m not very tech-savvy. Can I still do the online blended course?

You shouldn’t have a problem. We have chosen a very easy platform to use. The id

Should I do the TEFL Toulouse blended online in-class version, or the 4 week, in-class TEFL?

Given the choice between an online blended course or onsite TEFL course, we always recommend our onsite, in-class one, if you can possibly keep 4 weeks free to do it. Many people start off interested in the online course then realise they can find a way of doing the 4-week in class course, with a little help from neighbours,  babysitters and friends! The main reason is that you make friends and exchange more ideas when in-class.

Do I need a degree to do the online blended TEFL course? What level of English do I need?

Our TEFL course (online and in-class) is pitched at degree level, so while you don’t need a degree, you need to be able to handle that level of study. Just apply  – we take each application individually. You’ll need to have a C1 (advanced) level of English if you’re a non native speaker.

Can you help me with accommodation for when I come to Toulouse?

Of course. Just let us know. Some of our host families may have a room, or we can recommend well priced places. There’s always a way!

How do I apply?

Just press any of the orange buttons here on this page.  Fill in the form fully and mention that you want to the online blended course towards the end of the form and a start date that you would like.

How much does it cost?

The course will cost you 1900 euros – all taxes and materials included as well as lifetime job guidance – and the 4 teaching practice afternoons from 2pm to 6.30pm at TEFL Toulouse, and certificates from us and IATQUO upon successful completion.

Anything else included?

We’ll throw in champagne and lunch / dinner if ending your course happens to coincide our in-class TEFL end of course celebrations. See our in class course dates here – the last date shown is the day we have champers and meal!

I’ve still got questions…

We are here to help!

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