Teaching English to Young Learners course

Teaching English to Young Learners in France is by far the fastest growing area in English teaching, and there is a huge demand  in France and worldwide for qualified young learners teachers. See here for one ex trainee’s experiences teaching kids in Toulouse.

This one week, 18 hour, classroom based course can be taken as an add-on week to our Certificate in TEFL course (see dates below). The TEYL course is open to anyone who has our  TEFL Toulouse qualification or equivalent and runs from 9.30 to 1pm  or from 2 to 5.30pm daily, at our training centre.

Successful trainees are awarded the TEFL Toulouse Certificate in Teaching Young Learners (Cert. TEYL).

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TEYL Course content

  • Classroom management for young learners and teenagers
  • How children learn
  • Teaching vocabulary to children
  • Planning lessons for children
  • Storytelling
  • Songs, chants and games
  • Teaching practice teaching real young learners

The course mainly focuses on the “up to 10” age group, although classroom management for teenagers is also included.


TEFL Toulouse trainees fromAustralia, USA, South Africa

Fees and how to pay

The course costs 400 euros, but only 300 if you pay along with your deposit for the TEFL course

Email us at info@tefltoulouse.com to book your place or just mention the course at the end of the application form

Upcoming TEYL course dates 2020

June 15 to 19, 2020 at our training centre

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