Teaching English to Young Learners course

***Already a freelance teacher in France? Get this course paid for with your “FIFPL” credits. You probably didn’t even know you had them! Contact us for clarification..***

We are experts in teaching young learners, and even have our own in-house YL language school! Teaching English to the 5 to 16 age group in France is the fastest growing area in English teaching, so there is a huge demand  in France and worldwide for qualified young learners’ teachers. Language schools are beginning to require an add-on TEYL qualification now when looking for new young learners’ teachers – and rightly so of course. Teaching kids is a very different ball game!

This 18 hour classroom based course is taken as an add-on week to our Certificate in TEFL course (see dates below). It is open to anyone who has our  TEFL Toulouse qualification (or equivalent) and runs at our training centre.

Successful trainees are awarded the TEFL Toulouse Certificate in Teaching Young Learners (Cert. TEYL).

TEYL Course content

  • Classroom management for young learners and teenagers
  • How children learn in comparison with how adults learn (social constructivism, behaviourism…)
  • Teaching vocabulary to children
  • Planning lessons for children
  • Storytelling
  • Songs, chants and games
  • Teaching practice

The course mainly focuses on the 5 to 12 age group, although classroom management for teenagers is also included.

“Just wanted to let you know that the TEYL course was an absolute success! I really found a true connection between the theory component and then the “real life” version when we went to the school yesterday. I’m sad that’s now over as well! It brings to an end a valuable, interesting and very fun course (TEFL+TEYL = 🎉fun 🎊fun🎉 fun!!) It complemented the 4 week course just perfectly. Going to the school to teach the kids was a real eye opener. I am so grateful to you and Amy for arranging things as you did, because I found it to just be such a rewarding experience”
Sheree, Ireland / France November 2020 (now teaching at our own language school)

See here for one ex trainee’s experiences teaching kids in Toulouse

Fees and how to pay:

  • 300 euros –  all taxes and materials included
  • 10% discount if you purchase the course along with your TEFL course
  • Already TEFL qualified with another training centre? Use the form below to apply

Next TEYL Toulouse course 2021:

  • 3 day course: Tuesday 27th April  9.30 to 5.00, Weds  28th April 9.30 to 5.00 and Thursday 29th April 9.00 to 5.00

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