Teaching Business English course (TBE)

Q: So most people around the world want to learn English so that they can visit our amazing countries, UK, USA etc, right?
A: Think again. Would the whole world be obsessed with English just to order a pint at the pub or ask how much it costs to rent a bike in Sydney?
Q: Hmm. Hadn’t thought of that! So, why then?
A: To do business of course!
Q: What, with the UK and the US?
A: A bit, but mainly with each other… French with Chinese, Italians with Germans, Brazilians with Norwegians. Every company needs Business English so that they can sell their products to countries all over the world.
Q: So how different is Business English to General English? Isn’t it the same thing, with just some different vocabulary?
A: Not really. Business people and language schools have expectations of a Business English teacher….

Business meeting in English

Our short Teaching Business English (TBE) course will add a vital string to your bow, boosting your ability to get that elusive BE teacher job, even if you lack business experience yourself, and whether you are a self employed teacher or work for a language school.
The course includes conducting an indepth needs analysis, observing a real Business English class, teaching practice with business English students, and takes place at a partner language school in Toulouse, Universal Languages Toulouse
The course will run from Autumn 2019, and is open to those who already have an accredited TEFL certificate such as ours.

Just email us at info@tefltoulouse.com for the latest information!

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