French courses at TEFL Toulouse

Get your French up to scratch with our lovely teacher Elisa!

Why not do a week’s French with us before your TEFL course starts, or after it ends? The dates are perfect for you! Group sizes are very small (max only 6 people – usually just two or 3) and the classes take place at the TEFL training centre in the city centre.

I had the chance to do a one week intensive course of French with Elisa. It was fantastic! Elisa is such an encouraging and attentive teacher, always open to assist you with questions and accommodating specific topics, subjects or vocabulary into the program of the class. She utilizes a variety of teaching methods and presented a broad range of activities to facilitate the learning. Elisa was also super supportive and able to value the knowledge that I already have to build further vocabulary and suggest new expressions. Overall, I was really pleased with the experience!

Jacira, November 2019

Spending your first week here learning French will give you the perfect introduction to the city of Toulouse. You will have time to get to know the city before the TEFL course starts, and also be able to practice your French with the locals! We even throw in a “walkabout in Toulouse in French” with the teacher!

Spending a week learning French with us after or before your TEFL course will give you time for the dust to settle, and begin to properly get to know Toulouse.  As the lessons are only half days, you can still work or relax the other half of the day – and practice your French of course.

Hi Elisa! I would like to thank you for the great week of French lessons. The lessons were the perfect mix of work and pleasure and I learned a lot of the foundations so I can build on the skills and knowledge. It was a very non-threatening and welcoming environment so I was able to build some confidence to speak the language. Thank you again and I hope to see you again next time. Kind regards, Davina

There is also no doubt that language schools are more likely to employ teachers who speak some French, as you will come across as being more likely to be living in France for the longer term. Whilst post – school French should be just about enough to get you by, you will feel much more comfortable professionally, not to mention kick-start your social life better, if you can have a basic conversation with colleagues and friends.

5 days Monday to Friday 9.30am to 12.30pm, or from 2pm to 5pm. We can usually add more weeks if you want them – just ask!

Our small groups mean increased conversation practice and a more tailor-made course to suit your specific needs. Note that other providers of French courses in Toulouse have groups of up to 16 people!

I so enjoyed my week-long, 1-1 French course with Elisa. Before we started, Elisa asked what I wanted to focus on learning, and then created a lesson plan suited to my goals and needs. It was perfect. Professional but easy-going, Elisa made it fun to work on grammar, pronunciation and workplace specific communication. I also learned ‘everyday’ French conversation (vs. overly or unnecessarily formal textbook material that I would likely practice just studying on my own). This has been really helpful while being here in France. I highly recommend Elisa to anyone wanting to learn French or just improve their French conversation skills.

Judy Freeman

Upcoming dates 2020:

June 15th to 19th, or June 22nd to 26th 2020

..and any week before or after your TEFL course…!

The objective is to help you integrate into daily French life (eg socialise, do well in job interviews, deal with bureaucracy..). The courses are also open to non-TEFL trainees.


  • 300 euros a week, or 200 if you pay along with your deposit for the TEFL course. Email us  or just mention it when asked on the Application form
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