Educational Technology in TEFL course

In today’s digital age, language learning is no longer limited to using printed textbooks and handouts.

We give you a grounding in using technology in the classroom during your TEFL course, but by further embracing it you can transform your classroom and teaching material into something engaging, lively, and relevant to learners of all ages.

Stop having to play catch up with technology, and be the go-to person!

If you feel limited to using Powerpoint and YouTube videos, then it’s time to explore the world of Ed Tech. You may have heard of Kahoot, the polling tool that is captivating students worldwide. Other digital tools that we cover include interactive polls, collaboration platforms, class/content management, and evaluation tools.

The ability to incorporate technology in the classroom is a skill that will let you stand out in the eyes of potential employers and impress at interviews. Your newly-learned skills may also lead you to online teaching opportunities.


  • an overview and recap of tried-and-trusted online tools
  • creating up-to-date and engaging teaching material
  • incorporating technology in your lesson plans
  • promoting authentic language use in the classroom and out in the real world
  • how to teach online
  • this course is for teachers of all levels and ages. Kids, teenagers and adults are all equally enthralled by Ed Tech!


Day 1 (3 hours)

– Overview of tried-and-tested online tools
– Incorporating technology in your lesson plans
– Engaging platforms for students’ self-studying
Day 2 (3 hours)
Launching your online lessons
– Guide to the hardware and software needed
– Adapting your lessons to a virtual classroom
– The practicalities of teaching online
– Demo lesson (20 minutes)
1) Transforming a paper-based classroom activity into a Ed-Tech activity
2) Completing a 20-min demo online lesson

Ed Tech upcoming course dates:

  • February 3rd to 7th 2020
  • 3 hours per day, at the TEFL Toulouse training centre (9 Allees Frederic Mistral, 31400 Toulouse)

The course costs 200 euros, but only 150e  if you pay along with your deposit for the TEFL course

Email us at to book your place with a 50 euro deposit  or just mention the course at the end of the application form

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