9, Allees Frederic Mistral, 31400 Toulouse, France
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Teach English in France and around the world with our 4-week

externally accredited TEFL Certificate course

Teaching business English and teaching young learners sessions are included in the course fee. We offer lifetime job guidance and successful trainees usually find teaching work soon after graduating.

 Trainees Nov 13 with certs in hand

Registered unemployed in France? You may be able to get your TEFL course funded by the Pole Emploi. Just mention this on the application form, and if you are accepted we will send you what you need to take to them


Change your life with our TEFL course in France

Our 4-week TEFL certificate course in Toulouse provides successul trainees with the minimum professional qualification needed to English in France and around the world. The course fulfills British Council recommendations for TEFL courses, and our training centre is next to the beautiful Jardin des Plantes in the city centre.

We are the only externally accredited 4 week TEFL course in south west France, and  have hundreds of ex trainees teaching English in France and worldwide. We run our courses all year round.

We can arrange comfortable accommodation in Toulouse to suit your preferences, with host families from around 350 euros, and studio flats from around 500 euros. 

Trainees also qualify for discounts on intensive French courses with http://www.formationtoulousaine.com/


Want to teach English in France?

If your goal is to teach English in France,  then after our TEFL course you will:

-know how to set up as a freelance teacher in France - many employers want freelancers now

-know how to deal with the French bureacracy re opening bank accounts etc

-have had experience teaching French students of English - a plus in the eyes of local employers

-have a qualification from a very highly regarded TEFL course in France and contacts of all local language schools

-already be living locally

.....bear in mind that if you do your TEFL cert course elsewhere, you will be arriving "cold" in France - never easy! 

What's the right time to do a TEFL course?

Not sure if this the right moment to do a TEFL course? A TEFL Certificate and is valid for the rest of your life - so why not get it under your belt now, even if you are not sure when you will use it?

The course really helps you gain confidence giving presentations even to very large groups - which you probably WILL need to do at some point in your career, even if you are not sure teaching is for you.

TEFL Business English and Young Learners'  sessions  are included in the course fee - no hidden extras with us

Living elsewhere in France? We are the nearest accredited 4 week TEFL course to Bordeaux, Biarritz, Carcassonne, Limoges.....

Already TEFL teaching but not fully qualified? Need a refresher course?  UK teacher fed up with discipline problems and paperwork? Look no further!

Want to live in a sunny, lively historic city that isn't a tourist trap or metropolis? You'll love beautiful Toulouse! Have a look at this http://www.toulouse-visit.com/

Online or weekend TEFL courses will not usually get you a job afterwards - don't waste your money! An externally accredited 4 week TEFL course with 6 hours teaching practice is the qualification you need to get started

We are not part of a worldwide chain - we are only here in Toulouse - address at the top of this page.  We supply high quality training by qualified professionals and have no other flashy locations. We will also not give you the hard sell!

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Fees and what to bring

Your 4 week course costs 1600€  - all materials, a welcome evening and end of course champagne and lunch / dinner celebrations are included. There are no hidden extras or taxes, although you pay any bank charges in getting the course fees to us.
You will need to put aside around 400€ or more for accommodation depending on what you have chosen after using our free accommodation finding service. Re spending money, the cost of living in France is about the same as the UK or US. Bring a laptop or tablet if you have one.

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Course dates 2015 /16

2015 dates

23rd November to 18th December

2016 Dates

4 Jan to 29 Jan

8 Feb to 4 Mar

21 Mar to 15 Apr

May 2 to May 27

June 13 to July 8

July 25 to Aug 19

Sept 5 to Sept 30 

Oct 10 to Nov 4

Nov 21 to Dec 16