Working in France and visas

All nationalities are welcome to come and follow our TEFL course in Toulouse! But here is some specific information for some of the most common nationalities of people who do our course:

If you have an EU passport (ie a British one) and want to work in France then you can come and do our TEFL course and work in France without problems. You don’t need to read the following about visas.

This page provides information  mainly for Americans, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders who want to live and work  in France.

Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders can get a “working holiday visa” for France, so they can do our course and then teach English here.

Further down the page you will see information about visas for Americans in France, then finally we look at some typical contract types for TEFL teaching in France, and teaching as a freelancer in France.

For all non- EU applicants, you should check with Campus France and your local French consulate or embassy website for the latest information, as the rules are often updated. If you do need a visa then always apply for it at least 2 months in advance, while still in your own country. Visas cannot be applied for once you are here in France.

Working holiday visa for Canadians to work in France

For Canadians who are under 35, this visa can be extended after a a year without going back to Canada! Fantastic! Have a look at the Consulate General of France for more information about this visa.

Working holiday visa for Australians to work in France

Australians have to be under 30 to be eligible for the working holiday visa, and unlike Canadians, their visas cannot be renewed in France. But Aussies can still come for a year to study and work! See Campus France for more info.

Working holiday visa for New Zealanders to work in France

New Zealanders seem to be very welcome in France! We have had a lot of you over the years on our course. The French Embassy site has more information about this visa.

Can Americans work / teach English in France legally?

Yes – here’s how it works:

There is a whole array of Courses in France to get a student visa especially if you are available to start in September. Why not have a look to see if there is the perfect course for you?  Having a student visa means you are allowed to teach English legally while studying. In this case our July or August course would probably be perfect.
The most flexible option (but more expensive) if you want to live and work in France on a student visa and need to learn French is the following:
The Alliance Francaise in Toulouse offer French courses at beginner to upper intermediate (A1 to B1) levels , and provide TEFL Toulouse trainees with a 10% discount on their Student Visa French course. The great thing with the Alliance courses is that you can start pretty much any time of the year, so you can do OUR course at anytime and start theirs very shortly afterwards. Here is the procedure, which you should begin several months in advance:

  1. You apply for our course, and contact The Alliance Francaise  Toulouse to find out when you can start their course (asap after ours ends) and confirm your discount. We work together.
  2. Once we have accepted you, you purchase 6 months of their 4 week courses (at 450 to 500 euros each, after your discount) to get the student working visa. They will bill you for the first 3 of their courses upfront and when they receive this payment they will send you the registration certificate. You use this registration certificate to apply for a student working visa. Campus France can help you with the whole visa procedure.
  3. You pay the Alliance Française the balance for the second 3 month course when you start your course with them.
  4. Their courses will be in the mornings, and so you will be free to teach in the afternoons and evenings. The Alliance Française also offer a range of activities (cooking, wine tasting, local visits…) as well as accommodation during your French course.
  5. Once you are in France on a long term student visa, you can usually renew it without needing to go home by arranging more studies. Want more information? Just email the Alliance Francaise as above or us on

American doing a TEFL class on a tourist visa

Why not get TEFL certified here in Toulouse for your first month, enjoy France for 2 more months, and if you find somewhere you fall in love with in France you can inquire about local programs and student visa classes you can do next year?

You might also find that TEFL Toulouse class + return travel to Toulouse + 400 euros for accommodation works out much cheaper than getting TEFL qualified in the US!

Employers in France and typical TEFL employment scenarios

How long after the TEFL course will I start earning? Generally, trainees who stay in France start teaching around a week or two after finishing the course, then build up hours to get a full teaching timetable by around a month later.
How much do TEFL teachers earn in France? Rates of pay vary – private language schools in France usually pay from 18 to 30 euros an hour gross (you then lose a bit of this on tax), and you can charge upwards of 30 euros an hour for freelance teaching. We show you how to set up as an “auto-entrepreneur” (freelancer)in France during our job guidance session.

TEFL Toulouse graduates

Ready to start teaching!

TEFL trainees

Teaching a TEFL class

The most common scenario is for a language school to hire you tentatively for up to 10 hours a week at the start, before offering you more (often too many for you!) hours when they realise how good you are! If a language school offers you a contract, it will usually be either short term (“CDD” – contrat à durée déterminée) or if you are very lucky a long term (“CDI” – contrat à durée indéterminée)contract.

You can work on a contract with a language school AND privately as a freelancer at the same time in France. Nowadays, though, more and more language schools prefer their teachers to be registered as freelancers (autoentrepreneurs in French) so it may be that most, if not all of your work is on a freelance basis. We show you exactly how to set this up. It’s very simple – you just bill the language school at the end of each month as if you had been doing consultancy work for them! You’ll pay a little more on tax and social charges as a freelancer – which is why you charge more – but you have greater flexibility.

“Have been working for a couple of years in Toulouse now, there is definitely work around here and the course really helped me prepare for it!”
Erwin Verhagen, Holland / France

Many ex-trainees end up working for two language schools (either on contracts or a freelance basis) as well as teaching privately, finding private students through word of mouth or by putting up ads around town. In fact, one of the reasons for us opening in France is due to the current high demand for English all over the country. France is changing – fast. There are over 30 language schools just in and around Toulouse.

Some of our ex-trainees are teaching at universities here in Toulouse at up to 60 euros an hour. The catch is that you have to have another contract somewhere else and usually have a year or two experience. But a great option if you do!

Language schools in France look for teachers year round, but bear in mind that almost everyone is on holiday from July 14 to the end of August, so there is very little money to be earnt then. However, language schools often hire in the summer for the September start, so it is great if you can be around to attend interviews then.

TEFL Toulouse graduates

More successful graduates!

TEFL Toulouse class

Teach anywhere in the world!

Upwards of 30 hours a week teaching is going to be tiring. The great thing about TEFL teaching is that you can usually take on more or less work depending on your personal aims for any given period of your life- especially if you are freelance. It’s an ideal job if you have seasonal work or a serious hobby!

In any case make sure you have access to enough money to survive for a couple of months until you get a full timetable – although in sunny Toulouse you can while away a morning quite happily with a 2 euro cup of coffee!

Where do our ex-trainees work?

“Your training was, and is, extremely useful. I am now in China… and teaching little kids their first words in English.”
Derek Logan, UK

Here’s a selection of employers of our ex-trainees:

* Note that there can be stiff competition for English teaching work in English speaking countries like the UK, Australia, the USA and Ireland

France Toulouse Happy Momes (Experience English)
France Toulouse Inlingua Toulouse
France Toulouse Universal Languages
France Toulouse Bilingua
France Toulouse Blagnac Berlitz
France Toulouse Tournefeuille Babel School
France Toulouse Maison de l’europe
France Toulouse Bilingual kids
France Toulouse Clic English
France Toulouse ECLAT
France Toulouse Colomiers English Enterprises
France Toulouse Adecco Training
France Toulouse Jardin Culturel
France Toulouse Kid n Play
France Toulouse ENAC
France Toulouse Sud Concours Exam Preparation
France Toulouse Grand Sud, École Superieure de Tourisme
France Toulouse ADEFI Formation
France Toulouse Les challenge des Langues
France Toulouse Linguapole
France Toulouse Université de Toulouse II Jean Jaurès
France Toulouse Capcours
France Toulouse Toulouse Business School
France Toulouse ENSEEIHT
France Toulouse Blagnac Cambridge Centre
France Toulouse Acadomia
France Toulouse / Paris IPSA
France Ajaccio, Corsica Greta
France Bastia, Corsica CNAM
France Beziers Centre Hobson
France Bordeaux Difup
France Castres Greta du Tarn
France Mazamet Ecole de Mazamet
France Paris Actualangues
France Paris Groupe BTL
France Paris and Courriers Intercountry
France Rennes Les Petits Bilingues
France Rodez CCI de l’Aveyron
France Tours Little Big Land
China Beijing PKU College
China Hangzhou English First
Czech Republic Prague Spěváček Language School
Germany Berlin Akademie Fur Fremdsprachen
Germany Berlin Oskar Lernt Englisch
Japan Sanyo Onoda Benda
Japan Tokyo Gaba
Mexico Tehuantepec, Oaxaca Sate Universidad del Istmo
Mexico Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca State Universidad de la Costa
Norway Moss CIS
Spain Madrid The Green Monkey
Spain Torredonjimeno Tower Academy
Thailand Kui Buri Kui Buri Wittaya High School
UK South East England Exsportise
UK Brighton Manor Courses
USA Los Angeles (CA) Ardmore Language Schools
USA St Paul, Minnesota Hmong Cultural Center
USA St Paul, Minnesota Vietnamese Social Services
USA St. Paul, Minnesota International Institute of Minnesota
Vietnam Hanoi Volunteer Peace Vietnam
Worldwide 425 training centers Wall Street English

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