Why do a TEFL course in the South of France?

14 reasons why you should choose the South of France for your TEFL course!

  1. The weather here in Toulouse is close to perfect. Extremely warm and dry in the summer, often sunny and bright in the winter.
  2. AtlanticMediterranean or Pyrenees mountains ? Toulouse is just a few hours drive from all three. Surfing, walking and sunbathing…
  3. The English teaching profession is still fairly young in France – unlike in Spain for example, where the market is quite saturated and wages are down.
  4. Gain teaching practice teaching real French people. Generally very kind and polite , the perfect people to practice your teaching on!
  5. Everyone wants to meet you in Toulouse. It’s true – the moment your “accent anglais” is detected, you’ll be fighting them off!
  6. The food. Remember France is the world’s food reference point. And it isn’t expensive, especially if you shop at Street markets
  7. The local wine .You can get a great bottle for under 5 euros! Bordeaux is just 2 hours on the train, but local wines (Gaillac,  Saint Mont, Corbieres..) are all good.

    pont-neuf Toulouse photo

    Pont Neuf Toulouse

  8. The local restaurants – 3 course lunch for 10 to 15 euros anyone?
  9. The kids. Impeccably behaved and dressed most of the time!
  10. Cheap and efficient public transport – you can get from Toulouse to Bordeaux, Biarritz, Montpellier and Spain all in a few hours by Bus or train
  11. The countryside. France is a rural country, and the villages are to die for!
  12. Cheap rents Rents in Toulouse. If you are used to Sydney, London, Paris or San Fran rents, you are in for a pleasant surprise
  13. Doing your TEFL course and getting certified locally is a great way to get integrated into a country without needing French qualifications
  14. Low cost  flights to and from Toulouse


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