Why do a TEFL course in France?

Retired in France, looking for some extra income?

How about offering English lessons at your gite? Or residential weekends / weeks? Get TEFL trained with us and we’ll help you along the way

Disillusioned schoolteacher looking for a new career abroad?

Fed up with discipline problems, paperwork, and government priorities all wrong in teaching? How about an easy career change to teaching English in France? Jonathan the director of TEFL Toulouse is an ex UK schoolteacher himself! Our Certificate in TEFL is a qualification to use in different countries, for the rest of your life

Sick of Brexit and want to start a new life abroad?

Most Brits who do our course feel the same way. Join them – and us – here in Toulouse to begin your new adventure!
<h2″>Canadian, Australian, New Zealander… wondering what to do with your working holiday visa for France?

Come and do our course, then teach English in France for a year!  Read more here

Stuck in an office job, want a new life in France?

Our 4 week  TEFL course in Toulouse is the perfect solution if  you are looking for a career change,  fulfilling and meaningful work in France,  or if you are just looking for an English speaking job in Toulouse. Many of our trainees are seeking a new life in France, were eager to find out how to make a living in France or just wanted to get away from a 9 to 5 office job.

Are you looking for a more rewarding life than looking at a computer screen all day?A typical story we read on our application form is someone who wants to retrain for a more fulfilling career, someone who has been stuck in a dead end job in the UK, or “stuck in a job I don’t like in sales”! Of course we also get a lot of people who  dream of living in France.

Graduate of French – how to work in France without French qualifications?

The TEFL course in Toulouse is also perfect for graduates of French, who can’t get work in France due to not having French qualifications. Isn’t it infuriating to be asked to get French qualifications in something you are already an expert at? Teaching English means you can integrate into French life without having to retrain.   The fact that our TEFL course is in France means that by the end of the course you already have local friends and are well on the way to being integrated into local life, without having to do a thing!

Just want to do an accredited TEFL course in Europe, then teach in Asia or somewhere

Another typical trainee is the person who loves France but doesn’t really know Toulouse and South West France and wants to do a TEFL course to go and teach in China or around the world! They have done their sums and realised that because of our well priced accommodation (only about 500 euros a month or even less), and easy flights to Toulouse, they can come here and get qualified in sunny Toulouse, instead of battling it out in a capital city. Clever people!

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