Why do a TEFL course?

Our 4 week, externally moderated and accredited TEFL course in Toulouse is the perfect solution if  you are looking for a career change, a fulfilling and meaningful  job in France, living and working around the world, or if you are just looking for an English speaking job in Toulouse. Many of our trainees are seeking a new life in France, making a living in France or just getting away from a 9 to 5 office job. Are you looking for a more rewarding career than looking at a computer screen all day?

A typical story we read on application forms is someone who wants to retrain for a more fulfilling career, someone who has been stuck in a dead end job in the UK, or “stuck in a job I don’t like”. Of course we also get a lot of people who  dream of living in France but the years seem to pass by and they never seem to be able to make the move.

The course is also perfect for graduates of French, who can’t get work in France due to not having French qualifications. Teaching English means you can integrate into French life without having to retrain and get French qualifications in something you are already an expert at. The fact that our TEFL course is in France means you already have local friends and are well on the way to being integrated by the end of the course. Not only that, but the transition to living in France is a seamless one, as you have help and support and a social life with an English speaking network.

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