TEFL course overview

The TEFL Toulouse course is an intensive 4 weeks of training that will give you the knowledge and practical skills you need to start your teaching career in France or anywhere in the world.

What’s the objective of our TEFL course?

Our objective is to equip you with sufficient teaching practice, knowledge of grammar, phonology, teaching approaches and techniques, to enable you to provide excellent English training worldwide, without needing to know or resort to using the students’ first language.

 TEFL Toulouse teaching practice

TEFL Toulouse teaching practice

TEFL Toulouse - teaching how to order drinks

Teaching how to order drinks!

What will I learn on a TEFL course?

By the end of the course you’ll have the skills and knowledge you need to teach:

  • General English
  • Business English
  • Young Learners
  • One-to-One lessons

How intensive is a TEFL course?

Our 4 week TEFL course is demanding and intensive, but a lot of fun, very rewarding, and absolutely do-able. You’ll be at the training centre from Monday to Friday each week, 9.15am to 7pm, with perhaps one or two afternoons off a week. You’ll also be working on lesson planning and course assignments outside of these hours too. Of course, some people need to spend more time working than others.

Every morning you’ll receive over 3 hours of classes on teaching theory, how to plan TEFL lessons, how to teach the 4 skills, grammar and phonology theory, and more. As well as this you will teach a minimum of 6 hours of TEFL lessons, teaching groups of real life students, and get detailed feedback on your classes from qualified professionals. You will also observe lessons given by experienced teachers,and receive lesson planning help in the afternoons from 2.30 to 4pm.

A TEFL Toulouse morning theory session

A TEFL Toulouse morning theory session

Teaching EFL through drama

Teaching English through drama

Here’s what a typical day looks like:

9.15am – 11am Input session 1
11.20am – 1pm Input session 2
1pm – 2.30pm Lunch break
2.30pm – 4pm Lesson planning help time
4pm – 6.10pm Teaching practice and observation
6.15pm – 7pm Teaching practice feedback

What about coursework, TEFL assignments and assessment?

You’ll complete a lot of your coursework at our training centre during the working day, but the intensive nature of the course means that you will also need to spend a proportion of most evenings and weekends doing home study and preparing lessons. Our TEFL course does not include as many assignments (ie work to be done at home) as some other TEFL courses, as we prefer to get as much as we can done during the day together.

You’ll be assessed on your teaching practice, a one-to-one project, grammar tests, an unknown foreign language observation task and your professionalism throughout the course. You can find more details about all these in our What’s in the course page.

TEFL Toulouse one to one class

One to one teaching

TEFL Toulouse training centre

TEFL Toulouse seen from the street!

What’s included in the course price?

  • 4 weeks of tuition from our qualified and experienced teacher trainers
  • All course materials
  • For successful graduates, an official certificate from IATQuO, numbered and stamped, showing completion of the course, and a certificate for employers, highlighting your performance and providing an explanation of grades. (We are always happy to issue a reference and further information when requested to do so by an employer.)
  • Welcome drinks evening, and end of course celebrations including champagne and lunch / dinner
  • Lifetime job guidance wherever you are in the world
  • Free accommodation finding service

What’s the next step?

You can contact us with any questions you have. We’re here to help! If you’re ready to apply, just fill out the application form!

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