Teaching English in France for the Irish

Can Irish people live and work in France?

Absolutely! And not only that – since Brexit, Irish people are now the ONLY ones in the UK who can live and work in France! Our TEFL course in Toulouse is perfect for those who want to train to become English teachers in France without having to translate qualifications, do year long courses all in French or battle with French bureaucracy. Train with us for 4 weeks and get working straight away afterwards!

What sort of jobs can the Irish do in France?

Teaching English makes the most sense, unless you want to be stuck in an Irish pub! What is more, with just 4 weeks training you can begin a new profession that can take you all over Europe and all over the world

What is the competition for jobs like for Irish working in France?

Since Brexit, the Irish are now the number one choice for English teachers in the eyes of language schools. Language schools in France can no longer rely on Americans or Brits to fill English teacher vacancies, as both need visas now. COVID has meant that a lot of Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders or South Africans can now longer even get to France and many have returned home. The Irish are hot property! All you need is to get TEFL certified

But why should I get TEFL certified in France and not in Ireland?

Because you will get experience teaching French people, you will get a lot of help integrating into the local culture, you will make friends in Toulouse, and you will get a massive head start with understanding the French bureaucracy. We are here to help – we offer lifetime job support. We will help you set up as a freelance teacher in France, help you with accommodation after the course and of course we are here for references. Most language schools in France know and love us!

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