Online blended TEFL course

What’s an online blended TEFL course?

It’s a course mainly intended for working people or busy mums, where the theory part of the course is done online, and some of the teaching practice part is done with us at our training centre in Toulouse. Both are done at your own pace, with about 15 hours of study a week needed, which includes online assignments to do. The whole thing is done over around 3 to 5 months.

Who is this course for?

Many of you simply do not have the time available to attend our onsite TEFL course in Toulouse, from 9 am to 630pm Monday to Friday for 4 weeks, due to family or work commitments. If this is you, the online blended TEFL course is for you. Obviously you still need an internet connection and some peace and quiet.

How many hours is the online TEFL course?

It’s a 170 hour course, which takes place over 11 weeks and is accredited by UK qualifications body TQUK as a level 5 qualification. There is an extra 2 months allowed to finish the teaching practice.
This breaks down into roughly 12 hours a week of study, which is do-able for most people even if you have a full time job. In fact it has been designed around this principle.

Should I do the TEFL Toulouse blended online version, or the 4 week, in-class TEFL?

Given the choice between an online blended course or onsite TEFL course, we always recommend our onsite, in-class one, if you can possibly keep 4 weeks free to do it. Our busiest onsite course is in August!

Does the blended online course include teaching practice?

Yes of course, and be careful of other online courses-  many don’t include any, and that’s how they offer courses so cheaply. This one includes 20 hours teaching practice, 3 of which are done with us at our professional training centre in Toulouse.

How much of the teaching practice is done at TEFL Toulouse?

Of the 20 hours in total, 3 hours are done with us over 3 days at your convenience. For these you get lesson planning help, observation and feedback, so you are with us for a whole afternoon and can also meet the other trainees (invaluable!) on whichever in-class courses are running at the time.

How much can I spread out the teaching practice?

Really as much as you like! You have almost 20 weeks for the whole course and remember that most of your teaching practices are not observed, so not so stressful!

So, over the 3 months or so I come to TEFL Toulouse for 3 afternoons to teach. What about the other 17 hours of lessons that I don’t do at TEFL Toulouse? Where do I do that?

This part is up to you. You can do them via Zoom, or in class.  We can help you set them up locally. You might be able to do some of them unobserved with us for a small admin fee . It’s very flexible. Or you can book more full afternoons with us for 80e.

Can I sit in on any morning theory sessions at TEFL Toulouse?

Sure! Just let us know which you would like to come to in advance and we’ll do our best to fit you in. No extra cost! We can send you the timetable. It’s really great to meet the TEFL trainees on our in-class course and compare stories, tips and advice. And you can join the others on our end of course champagne dinner!

Can you help me with accommodation for when I’m in Toulouse?

Of course. Just let us know. Some of our host families may have a room, or we can recommend well priced places.

What if I want more of my other lessons to be observed by professionals at TEFL Toulouse?

These can be set up with us for the small extra fee of 80euros  per lesson. You will need to reserve the dates in advance so that we can timetable you in. You get the whole afternoon with us for any day you come, you’ll enjoy meeting the other trainees and sharing teaching tips!

Can I come and observe the other teachers on the onsite course doing their teaching practice?

Why not – I doubt anyone would mind. Just give us a few days’ notice. Space permitting of course.

How much time do I get to finish the teaching practice?

After the 11 week course, you still get another 2 months to get all  your teaching practices done. So you can do many of  them after the theory part ends if you are really busy. It’s really up to you whether you want to do them. Some people like to get teaching practice as they go along, others prefer to wait until they have finished the 11 weeks to start.

It it the TEFL Toulouse course, but online?

The theory part has been created and is run by a partner TEFL course provider, with whom we have already been working for over 10 years. This has saved us the huge effort and cost of producing an exact online version of our course. The course is very similar to our onsite 4 week TEFL course and of course the TEFL theory is identical. We have a great relationship with them. Their post – TEFL course job guidance in particular is second to none.

Can I get funding for the course if I live in France?

We will help you get funding (CPF, Pole Emploi etc) if you are eligible for it.  3rd party funding is quite a lot of work so you’ll need to stick to the dates you booked. Mention this on the application form

Who will train me for the theory part?

Input (theory) sessions are given by MA TEFL / DELTA level educated and experienced trainers and can be watched live or are recorded so that you can watch them in France at your convenience.

Are the tutors regularly available?

All emails will be responded to in 24hours during the working week.

What technology is involved?

It’s all quite simple – Moodle is used which is easy to learn. If you intend to teach any of your lessons via Zoom (or similar) you’ll obviously need good internet connection speed.

When are the start and end dates?

There are start dates every 2 weeks all year round, so you can start when you like. The course lasts 11 weeks and you get 60 days to finish your teaching practice.

How much does it cost?

The course will cost you 1600 euros, which includes the 3 afternoons with us on the available dates that you choose. You can purchase more afternoons with us further down the line if you would like to. No need to decide on this yet.

Remind me of the basics again:

The course costs 1600 euros. For that you get the 170 hour online course created by our partner school.  You get 3 of your 20 teaching practices with us, which are whole afternoons spent at our training centre. You can choose dates that suit you for this. You can also come and sit in on some of our morning theory sessions for no extra cost and are invited to our end of course champagne and dinner celebrations, and get our job guidance package. You can book extra teaching practices with us (ie whole afternoons) for 80 euros each.

How do I apply?

Just use our normal application form here and mention that you are applying for the online course.

Can you give me the course content in detail?

Sure – here it is!

I’ve still got questions…

We are here to help!

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