Online / in-class blended TEFL course

**November 20th 2022: Please note that the below course has been replaced with a less expensive version at 1600euros, with start dates every 2 weeks – Contact us**

What’s the TEFL Toulouse online / in-class blended TEFL course?

It’s our normal in-class TEFL course, but it can be done at home, watching specially made videos of all the usual theory sessions. You still work with the same materials as the in-class TEFL course and you do equivalent assignments. You still get the highly regarded TEFL Toulouse Certificate in TEFL.

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You come to our training centre in Toulouse and do the 6 x one hour afternoon teaching practice sessions at your convenience, during or at the end of the 3 months that your course lasts. Or if you live a long way away you can send us videos of you teaching a class that you have set up  locally.

The course is 3 months long, meaning around 15 hours a week of work.

It’s very flexible and you can still come to the training centre as often as you like to take part in theory sessions and observe other lessons in case you live nearby.

You get several hours a week of support on “zoom” and by email to make sure you are keeping up and of course the usual lesson planning help and feedback after your  lessons.

You also usually work with a small group of others who happen to be doing the online course at the same time as you.

Start dates are every 2 weeks.

Who is this course for?

Many of you simply do not have the time available to attend our onsite TEFL course in Toulouse, from 9 am to 630pm Monday to Friday for 4 weeks, due to family or work commitments. If this is you, the online /in-class blended TEFL course is perfect. Obviously you still need an internet connection, a minimum of about 13 hours a week and some peace and quiet.

It may also suit you if you simply prefer an easier pace – the usual 4 week TEFL is very intensive, after all.

How is the TEFL Toulouse online blended course better than other online courses?

  • Some online TEFL courses throw the whole course at you in one go, which means you get overwhelmed very quickly. Our in-class TEFL course is carefully designed so that it progresses in difficulty and trainees learn the right thing at the right time. We feel strongly that the online blended course to also does this, we will “feed you” the course bit by bit so that you learn progressively without getting overwhelmed or confused.
  • There is real  life classroom teaching practice included in the price – many online courses don’t offer this, even though they say they do.
  • We are an existing in-class course, running monthly courses since 2009. Many online course providers don’t even have classrooms! This is not so much an online course as an in-class course done at a distance. Even though you may not be at the training centre much or at all, you’re still part of whichever 4-week TEFL course we have running at the time, and can come in when you like to participate and observe.

I live a long way away. Can I do my  6 teaching practices somewhere else and not come to TEFL Toulouse?

We must observe you teaching 6 one hour lessons to real students to gain our Certificate in TEFL. Classroom teaching practice is even more important for  online blended course trainees. Teaching practice is the most important part of your course.

One of your 6 lessons can be an online lesson, with us observing on Zoom. The other 5 need to be classroom lessons.

If you can’t get to Toulouse, you can send us a videos of you teaching in class. Contact us so that we can help you set up teaching practices and tell you the full requirements. You’ll need access to a camera of course!

When should I do my teaching practices?

It’s up to you. You shouldn’t do all of them too clustered together and some should obviously take place towards the end of your course once you really know what you’re doing.

You can do them all shortly after the 3 months course if you like, but not too long afterwards otherwise you’ll forget what you learned.

Bear in mind you need to have time after each lesson to reflect and plan the next one.

How many hours is the online / in-class blended course?

Our  in-class TEFL course is 140 hours long over 1 month, with about another 40 hours of private study needed. So about 180 hours in total.  So if you want to take 3 months to do the online /blended version, you’ll need to be free for about 15 hours a week.

Do I still get the TEFL Toulouse Certificate in TEFL?

Yes, once we are satisfied with your teaching performance and theory knowledge, then you get the very highly regarded TEFL Toulouse Certificate in TEFL, recognised around the world.

What if I have to cancel a teaching practice that I’ve set up with you?

We will have set up the TP for you in terms of staffing, getting students to attend and timetabling, so you will need to pay 80euros for us to set up another one. Sorry, but I’m sure you understand.

Will it be cheaper if I set up my own classroom teaching practices rather than coming to Toulouse?

No, the fee remains the same as the work we do in terms of lesson planning help, observing you and giving you feedback remains almost identical.

I’m not very tech-savvy. Can I still do it?

Yes, unlike other online courses you aren’t working with any new technology, you are mainly watching videos and filling in worksheets and sending them back to us. You need to be more or less comfy with Zoom though, as we’ll be using that for our feedback sessions with you. Remember you also get a session on how to teach online, just like everyone else.

Should I do the TEFL Toulouse blended online / in-class version, or the 4 week, in-class TEFL?

Given the choice between an online blended course or onsite TEFL course, we always recommend our onsite, in-class one, if you can possibly keep 4 weeks free to do it. Many people start off interested in the online course then realise they can find a way of doing the 4-week in class course, with a little help from neighbours and friends…

Do I need a degree to do the online blended TEFL course?

Our TEFL course (online and in-class) is pitched at degree level, so while you don’t need a degree, you need to be able to handle that level of study. Just apply  – we take each application individually.

How does lesson planning help work?

You can choose whether you want to have this at our training centre or at home on Zoom. You get 45 minutes lesson planning help for each of your 6 lessons.

So what happens if I need more teaching practice?

You might decide that you want more help with lesson planning and more observed lessons. No problem –  you can book more full afternoons with us for 80euros. The bottom line is that if we have to pay our staff extra, then we’ll charge you. But there’s so much you can do without needing our help!

Will I definitely pass?

We only accept applicants who we feel will pass and we give you all the support you need. You do need to be able to study at degree level, even though you don’t need a degree.  Pass rate for our TEFL course is around 93%

Can I sit in on any morning theory sessions at TEFL Toulouse?

Sure! This is where the online course is real value for money if you live in or near Toulouse.  Just let us know which you would like to come to in advance and come along – no extra cost! We can send you the timetable. It’s really great to meet the TEFL trainees on our in-class course and compare stories, tips and advice. And you can join the others on our end of course champagne dinner!

Can you help me with accommodation if I need it, for when I come to Toulouse?

Of course. Just let us know. Some of our host families may have a room, or we can recommend well priced places. There’s always a way.

Can I come and observe the other teachers on the onsite course doing their teaching practice?

Why not – I doubt anyone would mind. Just give us a few days’ notice. Space permitting of course.

Will the Pole Emploi fund my online blended TEFL course?

Yes, the Pole Emploi fund people to do our in-class and online courses. Mention this on the application form  

and we will send you all you need to show to your “conseiller(e)”.

When are the start dates?

Every 2 weeks – here are the course dates

How much does it cost?

The course will cost you 1800 euros – all taxes and materials included as well as lifetime job guidance.

Remind me of the basics again:

The course costs 1800 euros. You get

  • All the materials of the usual TEFL course sent to you.
  • Tailor made videos to watch for each  of the 20 input sessions.
  • Weekly tutorials on zoom and email feedback
  • 6 hours of observed teaching practice at our training centre
  • Help setting up your own teaching practices if you need it
  • 45 minutes of lesson planning help and 30 minutes of feedback for each of your 6 lessons
  • Extra teaching practices with us (ie whole afternoons) for 80 euros each if you want them
  • Pre course drinks evening and end of course champagne celebrations with lunch or dinner – on the house!
  • Lifetime job support

What do I need to read before and during the course?

You shouldn’t begin the course until you have had at least 2 of these for a week to browse through.

Jim Scrivener: Learning Teaching (Macmillan)

(and / or) Jeremy Harmer: The Practice of English Language Teaching (Longman)

Peter Watkins – Learning to teach English (Delta publishing)

Raymond Murphy: English Grammar in Use, Intermediate, with answers (Cambridge)

How do I apply?

Just use our normal application form here and mention that you are applying for the online blended course.

Can you give me the course content in detail?

Sure – it’s the same as the in-class TEFL course except you get tailored videos to watch instead of being in class – here it is! 

I’ve still got questions…

We are here to help!

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