Learn Chinese in Toulouse

Mandarin Chinese is the language used for international commerce, is the everyday language for China and Taiwan, and is spoken also in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. It’s officially the most most spoken language in the world and the future of commerce. So it is time to get a head start in Chinese at TEFL Toulouse!

A grounding in Mandarin Chinese would be a big advantage of course if you ever want to teach English in China (lots of money to be made there!)

So come and take your Chinese lessons in Toulouse with us! Our lovely teacher Helen (MA qualified) is perfectly bilingual so able to explain the more subtle areas of the language in English if needs be! The course is entirely classroom based, not online.

Our intensive Chinese courses are one week long, Monday to Friday, mornings or afternoons, 3 hours  a day. They are open to everyone, not just TEFL trainees, although we try to fix the course dates so that the course can be followed before or after the TEFL.

Mandarin Chinese course dates 2020:

June 15th to 19th  (5 x half days)

Fees: 300euros for the week, or 200 if purchased along with your TEFL course

Email us  to book your place, or just mention the course at the end of the application form

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