Intensive French courses

Add a one week intensive French course on to your 4 week TEFL!

Even though you won’t be using French when you teach English, there is no doubt that language schools are more likely to take you on if you speak some French. Our in-house French courses take place at the training centre on the perfect dates –  the week after each TEFL course ends.

5 days Monday to Friday 9.30am to 12.30pm, or from 2pm to 5pm. In some cases we can add a second week too – just ask!

Groups are very small (maximum 6 students) for increased conversation practice, lower “fear factor” and to be more tailor-made to your needs.

French course in Toulouse dates 2019:

June 10 to 14

July 22 to 26

September 2 to 6

October 7 to 11

November 11 to 15

December 16 to 20

Courses are mainly for those with post-school, low level French (although we offer other levels), and the objective is to help you integrate into daily French life (eg socialise, do well in job interviews, deal with bureaucracy..). The courses are also open to non-TEFL trainees.

Save the hassle of trying to book other French courses to begin the week after your TEFL ends!

Our intensive French course in Toulouse fees:

One to One lessons: 400 euro (45o for non TEFL Toulouse applicants)

2 students: 200 euro each (250 for non TEFL Toulouse applicants)

3 -6 students: 150 euro each (200 for non TEFL Toulouse applicants)

  • We need a 100 euro deposit by 3 weeks before the French course begins, then the remainder needs to be paid before the course begins
  • Note that deposits are non refundable if you cancel
  • ……but of course we would return all fees in the rare event that we would cancel a course!
  • Please email us at to reserve your place!
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