Can I do a teaching English course in France and stay for 3 months?

Yes, absolutely, and this is what nearly all of our non EU trainees do. Most people who come from outside the EU come to do our TEFL course in Toulouse for 4 weeks, and then either enjoy France for up to 2 more months as a tourist or move somewhere else (eg Asia) to teach after the course.

This works very well, because by travelling around France (and we are only a couple of hours’ train ride to Spain) you can get TEFL qualified and then decide if you would like to return to study and teach English in France,  choosing their perfect location out of the places you have visited!

It is important to remember that you are not allowed to work while in France as a tourist, but of course many people carry on with their previous work remotely as they travel, and teach English online.

Train in Toulouse, travel the world!

Remember that once you are TEFL trained with us, there is no obligation to stay in France and teach! Many of our ex trainees are teaching worldwide, and we can usually put you in touch with an ex trainee whether you want to go to China or Chambery, Barcelona or Bali! Our ex trainees are always happy to give you advice about setting up locally and will often show you around! Not to mention help you get a job.

TEFL course plus 2 months travelling the south of France and Northern Spain

Remember that as a tourist you can spend 3 months in Europe before having to head home. So why not spend month one getting TEFL trained and months 2 and 3 getting to know the hidden jewels of France? Jonathan the owner and course director of TEFL Toulouse used to be a tour director for groups of Americans, taking them around France and Spain, so is an expert!  If you do our course you have plenty of time to get recommendations  from him about places to visit in France  and Northern Spain (just a few hours train ride away). If you ask nicely he may even plan a route for you! You may well fall in love with a place and want to come back to it to teach there….

Can Brits move to France and start working  in 2021?

Yes. Here are some post – Brexit scenarios:

  1. They will need to have a job offer (rare – the employer would have to prove that they can’t find anyone living locally who could do the job).
  2. They marry a local (!)
  3. They have purchased at least 6 months of courses (usually French ones). If you purchase 6 months of French courses with the Alliance Francaise, you get a 15% discount if you are also booked on to our TEFL course. The AF are now up and running again, as of March 2021. Contact us  for more details.
  4. They have savings or  regular money coming in to their bank account anyway.

See here for more information

Do Brits and Americans moving to France need a visa to teach English?

Yes- at the time of writing in early 2021.  If you want to move to France and get working as an English teacher, you should book our 4 week TEFL course, followed by 6 months of French courses at the Alliance Francaise in Toulouse. You get a 15% discount on their courses if you are booked on to our TEFL course! Studying French at the AF gives you the right to work for the duration of your studies, and you can renew your visa once you are here. Just Contact us  for more information – we are here to help and can put you in touch with ex trainees who have done this!

Also see here for more information

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