9, Allees Frederic Mistral, 31400 Toulouse, France
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Who does a TEFL course?

 Looking up - Toulouse colours

Toulouse colours


In our experience, and judging by past successful trainees, we think TEFL TOULOUSE is probably for you if  most of these ring true for you:

You are interested in the English language and how it works

You  want a course with plenty of teaching practice to accompany the theory - a minimum of 6 observed hours, as well as peer teaching

There is a bit of a performer in you, waiting to get out!

You like working with people

You can dedicate 4 weeks to the course, without any other commitments

You are energetic and lively

You are at a bit of a crossroads in your life

You are interested in foreign cultures, languages and lifestyles

You see TEFL as an appealing (temporary or permanent) career

Doing a 9 to 5 office job  doesn’t appeal to you/ you are sick to death of it!

You want to have fun at work, and have a sense of humour

You enjoy languages, and travelling / living abroad

The South West of France  / Toulouse appeals to you

You are independent 

You want a big change of direction or career

You are accompanying a partner overseas / already have a working partner here

You have children and are looking for a flexible part time job, with possible full time options in the future

You are not completely sure you want to teach, but in any case want to improve your ability to address groups of people  confidently and in an engaging way

A  trainee teaching on our course - way back in 2010!

TEFL Toulouse trainee 2010


Why Toulouse?

It is the modern combined with the old that makes Toulouse a fun place to live. The historic centre has a feel of Florence or Siena about it, whilst the Airbus industry here means that the city has an international feel, and is very well connected by low-cost European flights. http://www.toulouse-visit.com/

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