9, Allees Frederic Mistral, 31400 Toulouse, France
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Entry requirements and course requirements

 Do I have to be a native speaker of English to do a TEFL course? Do I need a degree to do a TEFL course?

Most trainees on the course are native speakers of English but around 15% are non native speakers. If you are a non native speaker, you must have excellent English to be accepted. If in doubt - contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or just fill in the app form!  http://www.tefltoulouse.com/tefl-course/application-form. Non native speakers whose application form we accept,  always have an oral interview (eg skype or telephone) to establish their spoken level of English.

We accept candidates without  a degree, but we need to see that you are able to study at degree level.

What is the minimum age for a TEFL course?

We are one of the few TEFL courses that accept applicants as young as 18 and have produced some excellent young teachers. Note that we do not enter into corrspondence with parents though.

Do I need to speak French to do the TEFL course?

You do NOT need to speak French to follow the course - TEFL methodology enables you to teach students whose language you do not speak. However if you  want to stay in France post course you should start learning!  We offer discount French courses post TEFL course for our trainees.

Workload commitment and professionalism. Commuting to Toulouse

The course is a lot of fun, but you will be busy from 9 am to 7pm (you do have 1hr 15 for lunch!) Monday to Friday, and you will be doing home study during the evenings and weekends. Trainees will NOT be able to combine the course with ANY other form of work (or dental appointments etc) during their month with us. If you have young children we recommend that you find someone to feed and entertain them in the evenings. Re commuting, we do not recommend more than a one hour door to door trip. Just book accommodation with us for the month. You will want to have a drink on Fridays with your fellow trainees!

Of course there is still time to enjoy this beautiful and exciting city. We are in the city centre overlooking a beautiful park -  just the walk to the school will be a pleasure!

This is roughly how a typical day looks:

09.15am - 11am Theory session 1 (arrive at 9am)
11.20am - 1pm Theory session 2
2.15pm - 4.00pm Lesson planning help time
4.00pm - 6.10pm Teaching practice / observation
6.15pm - 7.00pm Feedback

Course dates 2017 and 2018


May 22 to June 16

June 26 to July 21

July 31 to Aug 25

September 11 to October 6

October 16 to November 10

November 20 to December 15


Jan 8 to Feb 2

March 5 - March 30

April 16 - May 11

May 298 to June 22

July 2 to July 27

Aug 6 to Aug 31

Sept 10 to Oct 5

Oct 15 to Nov 9

Nov 19 to Dec 14