9, Allees Frederic Mistral, 31400 Toulouse, France
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TEFL course content and objectives

Sunflower fields near Toulouse

 Sunflower fields near Toulouse

Course objective: To equip traineees with sufficient teaching practice,  knowledge of grammar, phonology, teaching approaches and techniques, to enable them to provide excellent English training wordwide, without needing to know or resort to the students' first language. 

Coursework is largely completed at our training centre during the working day, but trainees will need to spend a proportion of most evenings and weekends doing home study and preparing lessons.

The course runs from Mondays to Fridays, from 9 am to 7pm with an hour and a quarter for lunch.  We work on any public holidays that might arise during the week in order to avoid adding days to the end of the course. There are slight variations with timings depending on how many trainees are on each course.

Successful graduates will be able to teach:
General English
Business English 
Young Learners
One-to-One lessons

75 hours of grammar and teaching theory
6 hours observed teaching practice, plus observations of experienced teachers
Supportive team of qualified teacher trainers
Lifelong job guidance



Canal du midi

The canal du midi runs through the centre of Toulouse. This photo is 10 miles from the city centre


Course content includes:


Past, present, perfect and future tenses, conditionals, phrasal verbs, auxiliary verbs, modal verbs. 

Passive structures

Reported speech



Parts of speech


Form and function


The consonant sounds and symbols

The vowel sounds and symbols


Intonation and meaning

Word stress

Sentence stress

Connected speech

Regional and international variations



Ceiling of the mairie place capitole 








Teaching technique

Teacher language

Lesson planning

Learning to plan a lesson in 15 minutes

Language presentation skills

Approaches to teaching EFL

Exploiting authentic materials and course books

Learner styles

Classroom management

Using drama and roleplay

Using songs and games

Business English

Teaching grammar

Teaching listening

Teaching speaking

Teaching reading

Teaching writing

Computer assisted and audio visual language learning

Teaching young learners

Alternative approaches to Lesson Planning

Lifelong job guidance

Using dictation


Error Correction



There are 2 projects to complete:

The UFLOT (Unknown Foreign Language Observation Task):

In the first week, you have 2 beginner lessons in a language that most trainees do not speak, given entirely in the foreign language. As a result of this you gain an insight into how it feels to be one of your future students, being spoken to in a new language. The objective is that  you adapt teaching methods that help you find other ways to get our meaning across. The task also helps you empathise globally to a greater extent with your beginner students.

You write a short project based on this experience.

The One to One project

This project gives you experience in preparing a course of study based on a student's needs and interests, and also gives you practice teaching  just one student. The procedure is that you choose a student and diagnose his or her needs in English, and interests. Based upon the diagnosis, you design a lesson for the student, teach it, then evaluate it in depth. To what extent did it work? Why? Finally you design an imaginary further short course of study for the student.



La ville rose in summer

"La ville rose" gets very hot in summer !

Also in the course:

2 tutorials (one to one - you and the trainer)

4 hours of observation of experienced teachers 

6 hours minimum of observed teaching practice

Lesson planning help - every afternoon 

Observation of your peers' classes and feedback

How you are assessed and graded:

Teaching Practice

One to One project

Grammar tests

UFLOT essay



Successful trainees receive an official certificate from IATQuO, numbered and stamped, showing completion of the course. They will also be issued with a certificate for employers, which highlights their performance and provides explanation of grades. We are always happy to issue a reference and further information when requested by an employer.

The fees include course materials, welcome drinks evening, certificates for successful candidates and end of course celebrations including champagne and lunch / dinner


 Cops and robbers TEFL roleplay


Learning English isn't only sitting at desks!  Cops and robbers roleplay fun with some of the  French  students who you 'll be teaching 

Note: As you can see, the course - whilst perfectly "doable" - is intensive.  You will be busy part of your evenings and weekends doing home study, for the 4 weeks. But due to our superb locations, you will still be able to really appreciate Biarritz or Toulouse

See below for a video of a TEFL trainee practising:


A fun part of the course is practising teaching your peers as well as the teaching practice with the French students.

Course dates 2017 and 2018


May 22 to June 16

June 26 to July 21

July 31 to Aug 25

September 11 to October 6

October 16 to November 10

November 20 to December 15


Jan 8 to Feb 2

March 5 - March 30

April 16 - May 11

May 298 to June 22

July 2 to July 27

Aug 6 to Aug 31

Sept 10 to Oct 5

Oct 15 to Nov 9

Nov 19 to Dec 14